10 Luxury Accessories to “Bouge” Up Your Wardrobe

I love a good accessory, and you guys will have noticed that I’m really really picky about what accessories I buy and wear opting for a “quality over quantity” approach – as I do with everything in my fashion life. Over the last few years, I’ve found that I love the way a luxury accessory can enhance my outfit, make it look more elegant and create a more “expensive” (I don’t love that word for this tbh) vibe. Luxury accessories, while still luxury, are a more budget way to incorporate high-end pieces without entirely breaking the bank. I’ve picked my 10 favourite luxury accessories that will add elegance, class and a touch of “bougeiness” to your outfits.

1.Fendi Headband – We all know how much I love a headband (it’s a IRL crown ok). This print from massively trending fashion house Fendi. I envision this being paired with a crisp white buttondown, mom jeans and a chic pair of heeled booties for a blend of Serena and Blair vibes.

2. Gucci Tights – It should come to no surprise that I love the Gucci Tights, so much so that they are my January On The Hunt List. They are super understated but upon closer inspection reveal the interlocking G logo.

3. Burberry Scarf – I personally already own a Burberry scarf which I’ve had since I was 14 or 15 and I still wear it every single winter (most days tbh) and it’s my go-to scarf to take with me on trips.

4. Eliurpi Straw Hat – I randomly stumbled upon the Eliurpi store in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona completely by accident and since then I’ve been seeing their pieces EVERYWHERE. A classic, high-quality straw hat is such an essential piece and will forever give me Audrey Hepburn vibes.

5. Gucci Marmont Belt – Some may say these are passe, some may say they are tacky but I personally love my Marmont Belt and it’s still one of my most worn accessories. It can be paired with jeans, trousers or dresses for a pop of logo.

6. The Row + Oliver Peoples Sunglasses – A beautiful pair of sunglasses will frame your face, they – in my opinion- are great accessories to invest in guilt-free because of their timelessness and they are so easy to throw on and instantly be “bouged” up.

7. Miu Miu Glasses – A pair of luxury glasses (even with just blue light lenses in them) can be a way to add luxury into your wardrobe in a very practical but elegant way.

8. Cult Gaia Hair Bow – Hair bows are the epitome of elegance in a hair accessory. They elevate the simplest hairstyles without overpowering your look and can bouge up the most basic outfit with a pop of luxury.

9. Eugenia Kim Visor – These distinctive visors are the perfect summer accessory to pair with your summer whites and denim!

10. Burberry Cashmere Wrap – This can be worn alone or layered under another piece outerwear to add some sophistication and warmth to your look. I envision this worn over a cream turtleneck paired with slacks and pumps for a put-together officewear look.

xoxo S

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