Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm Review

Alright guys, I’ve finally used up the Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm and I’ve got some thoughts to share with you all. I do have to preface with that fact that I am a die-hard Jack Black lip balm fan, it is my ride or die, have 100 tubes of it everywhere, have gotten the mans, the father and the mother all hooked on it lip balm. HOWEVER, supremely out of character I tried a new lip balm because it came with one of the gift sets I bought from Sephora to try their products out.

Purchase Date: May 4, 2019

Finished on: January 10th, 2020

Price: $24

Size: 3.8 grams

Total time to use up: Approx 8 months of nightly use

Since this lip balm comes in a convenient stick format I left it next to my bed to apply nightly before I sleep so I would use it consistently and not have it get lost like the other non-Jack Black lip balms I’ve tried in the past.

I really wanted to like this lip balm guys, I really really did. However, this product is PRICEY my goodness. It’s $24 CAD for 3.8 grams whereas my beloved Jack Black lip balm is 7 grams for $11 CAD as a price comparison and the Jack Black balms last on my lips so I reapply less.

My major qualm about this product is that I find it completely disappears from my lips throughout the night whereas with the Jack Black balm and the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask there is still a layer of the product on my lips when I wake up in the morning. When using it throughout the day, I did find it moisturizing but incredibly slippery. I much prefer a thicker more tacky lip balm.

For lasting hydration, I found that I needed to reapply balm much more frequently throughout the day as the lip balm didn’t sink in and hold the moisture in my lips as well. Many mornings if I forgot to apply balm before applying lipstick or heading downstairs to work, my lips would be so dry and peel really quickly (majorly gross).

As you guys can tell, I ended up only using this product at night because it was SO SLIPPERY I couldn’t pair it with any form of lipstick without it causing my lipstick to bleed, smudge or completely disappear within an hour and it was too thin to wear on no makeup days because it wore off so quickly that I’d have to reapply every single time I took a sip of tea or water.

Overall, this product is, unfortunately, a massive no from me. It’s way too expensive for a LIP BALM and it just doesn’t get the job done for me.

xoxo S

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