5 More Lessons I’ve Learned from COVID-19

Hey guys, I am back with another couple things I’ve learned from COVID-19 as we’ve crossed the 50 day mark. It’s been a long 10ish weeks in quarantine, the longer we go the more difficult it’s becoming to find tasks to take up the time and the constant back and forth from politicians and non-politicians about whether things should reopen is very frustrating and *very* anxiety causing as there’s no clear date in sight with a lot of lip service being done without a real answer. So, as more time as past, here are some more lessons I’ve learned from COVID -19.

Flour is more precious than gold.

Seriously, who cares about the gold standard when there is SOURDOUGH to be made! Flour has become more valuable than toilet paper at this stage of the pandemic with everyone suddenly trying their hand at an at home boulangerie. For future pandemics, I will be a) hoarding flour like my life depends on it or b) figuring out how to grow and mill it myself because I refuse to suffer the indignity of fighting a Karen for the last bag of whole wheat flour again…. cause really who even likes whole wheat flour?

Have a contingency for when there is no more cleaning.

I hate to say it but I don’t really have too much more to clean/organize. My closet has been Marie Kondo’d twice, my floors are now swept everyday and I’ve even gone so far as to rake UNDER the pine trees just for something to do. Jokes aside, cleaning is just one example, eventually what I’ve found is I’ve sort of “run” out of will power to be productive. It’s crazy to admit this but there is only so much Netflix/TV/Movies/Books to read before you just DON’T WANT TO. Who knew that once you had time to do all the things you so desperately wanted the time to do before quarantine would lose their novelty after 50 days… SO, next quarantine I am coming prepared with DIY supplies ready to go, a list of TV shows, movies and books to consumer as well as a healthy everything in moderation outlook to avoid R&R burnout.

It’s OK to not be productive every single day.

While I deeply admire the man on TikTok who bakes 12 sourdough loaves for his neighbours every.single.day. and the humans who have managed to find enough projects to keep themselves busy every day. It’s totally ok to have an off day, or week or even quarantine. How we handle the stresses and anxiousness induced by the pandemic is different for every person. So you don’t want to bake 12 loaves of bread everyday that’s cool, if you want to bake 12 loaves of bread everyday that’s cool too. It’s totally cool to take productivity at your own pace.

Never run low on your essentials.

Like I mentioned in my previous post about both my Nespresso and Sephora shipments delayed, you absolutely do not want to have your essentials run low or out when there is mass hysteria, panic buying and supply chain issues. In future, I will from now on be quietly picking up a little bit extra here and there of things like toothpaste, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products and personal hygiene products so there’s always a little bit of cushion just incase Canada post is a little slow or we see empty shelves again.

Make the time to FaceTime.

Staying in contact with your friends and family is more important than ever, take the time to check in with them every so often. It’ll put you in a better mood and will brighten their day.

xoxo S

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