A Deep Dive Into Clean Beauty

I feel like clean beauty is a crazily talked about and for good reason, we put makeup and skincare onto a faces pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY. Which wow, let me tell you is shocking considering how poorly regulated the cosmetic industry is. Thankfully some governments are actually doing their due diligence and banning ingredients/products but the majority of the onus still rests on the consumer to research and decide for themselves what products are potentially harmful.

What is Clean Beauty?

Clean Beauty is all about sourcing safe natural and synthetic ingredients. Clean Beauty is effectively non-toxic and made without the ingredients on an ever-evolving list that are linked to harmful health effects.

Why is Clean Beauty Important?

Beauty products are something that we use every day and what is being absorbed into our skin can remain stored inside fat cells, and other tissues throughout our body. Certain products have been linked to particular types cancers, the most prominent and devastating being talc and ovarian cancer. This isn’t to say that all talc use is bad, but prolonged use of talc around a woman’s groin can lead to ovarian cancer which is one of the most difficult to detect and as such difficult to treat cancers.

Why I am Suddenly Interested in Clean Beauty?

*deep breath* ok. So I haven’t shared this on social media at all, frankly I haven’t even told some of the people in my life what’s been happening so in Fall 2018 my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Which meant I went from having no family history of cancer to having a history and needing to get tested for the BRCA genes. It’s gotten both my mom and I thinking about what we can do (beyond diet and exercise) to help minimize the environmental factors contributing to potential cancers. She wants to incorporate more clean beauty into her routine and I want to see how my current product roster stacks up against the “clean standard”

Luckily its now pretty easy to shop for clean beauty as the major market places like Sephora have entire sections dedicated to clean beauty as well has clearly marked “stickers” that differentiate the clean products from the not so clean products. After doing a quick hunt through the Sephora Clean Beauty section I was really pleased to see that the majority of my skincare is already under the clean beauty section! YES! But a lot of my makeup is sadly not.

What Clean Beauty Am I Currently Using?

I’ve recently gone through a small obsession with Tatcha Beauty which is one of the clean brands on Sephora! I’ve been using their Rice Polish forever and have recently added the Water Cream as well as the Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser

I’ve also been using Ole Henriksen for years and I absolutely love their products as well as First Aid Beauty! I’ll link some of my favourite products below!

xoxo S

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