Mid-Year Lipstick No Buy Update

Hello hello!

We are now half-way through the year so it is time for a little progress report with my No Buy year for lipstick. Things haven’t exactly gone as planned with the closures and complete shutdown from March until June and with everyone being overall less social, I’ve not been wearing as much makeup as I normally would. Because I haven’t really be wearing too much makeup (only once or twice a month for dinners or showings) and it being summer when I generally don’t wear makeup unless I have to I’ve made abysmal progress.

However, I do have some progress to report and some thoughts to share with you all about my experience thus far.

I did (unsurprisingly) need to buy more chapstick. I was down to my final tube of my beloved Jack Black Lip Balm and it went from seemingly barely touched to almost empty in the span of a week. I must admit, I am one of those people that does keep chapstick everywhere… I have one by my desk, next to my bed in my purse, in my little portable lip collection that I move purse to purse, in my vanity, in my golf bag etc. So when I tell you I was on my last chapstick it was serious business. I, of course, repurchased my Jack Black Lip Balm in mint (SPF 25, I’m not a monster) and feel much more at ease knowing I have three full tubes waiting for when I am done my current one.

I also discovered my favourite lipstick (formula, colour, feel, wear etc.) by shopping through my stash. It’s a my lips but a bit more pink sort of vibe. It’s the Matte Lip Pencil from Nudestix in the colour Belle. I have been wearing it every-time I’ve worn makeup since quarantine started. I also use it on my cheeks for a monochrome finish. It was a full size so I’ve surprisingly made a small dent in it but I do love it so much that I will be buying one or two during the next Sephora sale.

Since this year has been a bit of a write off in terms of makeup wearing, I do think I’ll be taking a major hiatus from purchasing makeup (not just lip products) and only repurchasing the absolute essentials when they are out in order to work my way through the stash. With outings being severely limited as my willingness to put on makeup to work from home non-existent I think it’s best to limit everything while we are waiting for normal to return.

xoxo S

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