Aritzia Clientele Sale FALL 2021 | Black Friday – What We Know So Far. How to Get Invited, Dates & Discounts

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Black Friday Season is upon us, and I’m sure you are all wondering when the Aritzia Clientele Sale is happening for Fall 2021.

What is The Aritzia Clientele Sale?

Clientele is Aritzia’s bi-annual sale, that is invitation only for the first week or so and then will open to the public for another week.

How to Get Invited to The Aritzia Clientele Sale?

Invitations to Clientele are sent out based on how much you’ve spent at Aritzia during the qualifying period (usually the previous year). The estimates going around reddit/tiktok is it’s about $1500 CAD (ISH) for qualifying. I’ve never been able to find an exact answer but I’ve personally always been invited even during years where I hardly spent anything. This would also lead me to think that frequency/consistency of purchases as well as having an account etc. would also contribute to your invitation.

Typical Discounts

Usually the discounts on full price merchandise are anywhere from 10-30% off, with discounts on sales merchandise going for up to 50% off.

What are the Dates for the Sale?

The good news is that the Aritzia Clientele Sale in the fall almost always happens the week or two BEFORE Black Friday, and then opens to the general public for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

This year Black Friday is November 26th, so Clientele will most likely open midnight on the 18th and end of the 25th.

Last year the sale ran from November 19th to the 25th, and opened to the public on the 26th, finishing on the 30th.

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