Get Your Aritzia Pre-Order Items INSTANTLY – The BIGGEST Aritzia Shopping Hack Ever

Good Morning Hungries!

I can’t believe I’m spilling my best kept Aritzia Shopping Hack with you guys, but it’s time to share the knowledge because we don’t believe in gatekeeping here at Hungry and Well Dressed. I am sharing this with you all knowing full well this is about to sell out all my favourites.

Alright, without further ado, my Aritzia Shopping Hack:

The struggle of something being on pre-order with fulfilment months into the future is becoming an increasingly common thing with Aritzia. To get around this situation and have the items delivered to you quickly is to have a chat with a member of the customer service team and have them ship the item to you from a store with stock. This is especially handy if the stores where you live are sold-out and there is a store in a different province (or state as this trick works in the US as well) has stock.

Store shipping can take up to 10 days, however, 10 days is nothing compared to the months you’d need to wait for online shopping.

The trick with this is that there must be at least 7 or 8 units of the item you want in country (allegedly) so far I haven’t had a customer service rep tell me no, but I have heard of some other girls who have tried this out say that there is a limit.

This is my Aritzia Shopping Hack!

xoxo S

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