Aritzia Clientele Sale Picks

The Aritzia Clientele sale start on Friday!!! This is one of the two annual sales that Aritzia has across their whole store. The sale ranges from 20 – 50% off and is a labels based sale. Meaning that the different labels have different discounts.

The Discounts:

25% OFF


30% OFF


I always like to use this sale to purchase AGOLDE and Levi’s because you can without a doubt find something that you want for 30-50% off which is a fantastic deal.

This other thing that I’ll always purchase in these sales in jackets, there are so many cute sets from Aritzia but the jacket portions are pretty much always over $200 and in the sale they usually will drop down to 40-50% off!

Like I said earlier I will be taking advantage of this sale to pick up some Denim!

Top of the list is the Agolde Charli Jacket… I can guarantee the mans is sick and tired of me stealing his denim jackets (even though his are so comfortable) and well…. the rest of his clothes (I currently have custody of at least 5 of his t-shirts and 2 sweaters) so it’s time I get my own boyfriend fit denim jacket.

Another item that I have my eye on from AGOLDE is the 90s Jean. I have almost completely worn through the knees of my AGOLDE Jamie jeans and while I love them, I have a similar Citizens pair so I thought these would be a fun way to mix it up!

The final high ticket item that I’m looking at is one of their blazers. I’m horribly lacking in some simple blazers (I have my wonderful statement stripped blazer, but that doesn’t exactly cut it in all situations).

In terms of other purchases, I’ll probably pick up a few more of the Sunday Best Ribbed Tees and if they have any in stock a few of the TNA Tour Tees (both long and short sleeve if the sale gods are good to me and my size is in stock).

xoxo S

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