Ordering Online From Aritzia – Sizing Tips, Sale Timing and Collection Structure

We are in the midst of the Aritzia Clientele Sale so I thought I would take this time to give you guys a quick run down of my tips and tricks for ordering online from Aritzia!

Sizing Tips

Aritzia sizing runs a little ~wonky~ it’s not awful but it definitely jumps around a little bit.

I wrote a blog post about a sizing change I noticed last year in the Spring which you can read about here: Aritzia Sizing Change

I’ve noticed this year especially with the newer releases that the sizing seems to have gone back to how it used to be in running a little bit on the bigger side. There is one exception which is the La Boheme line which follows the sizing change I wrote about.

How I Size:

I’ll always buy knitwear for how I want it to fit – up for oversized and true to size for how they show it on the model

In Tees I like to buy a small or a medium depending on how tight I want them to fit. A small is a closer fit and a medium is for a looser fit.

Bottoms are where it gets a little all over the place. Anything leather (especially the Daria Leggings) it’s best to get the smallest size you can fit because they item will stretch as you wear it. With all other bottoms I go off of what their size chart recommends, which is one size smaller than I would wear in contemporary brands.

Activewear as a subsection of bottoms I go one size down from my true size. I really CANNOT stand when the waistband of my biker shorts and leggings gape around the waist. I would rather wear jeans.

Sale Timing

Clientele happens twice a year, usually right as the summer collections start to launch and right before holiday seasons. It’s usually the best sale of the year with everything being anywhere from 20-50% off. It’s not necessarily the best pricing (with the non-Aritiza brands Citizens of Humanity, Agolde and Levis this is the BEST pricing on new season clothes), but it has the most variety and usually has the best restocking potential, meaning that part way through the sale they’ll restock the most popular items.

Black Friday and Boxing Day are both clearly timed to correspond with their respective days.

There are sporadic sales that will happen throughout the year depending on circumstance and end of season merchandise. Usually these sales will be in the form of a limited time storewide 20% off or something similar.

Collection Structure

Aritzia works on the basis of diffusion lines. Effectively they are a mini department store where everything inside is their in house brands. They also currently carry Citizens of Humanity, Agolde and Levi’s, all predominantly denim companies that target the same target demographic. Aritzia also used to carry Mackage a Montreal founded leather company (which it’s a complete travesty they stopped carrying them and that Mackage discontinued the Rumer leather jacket before I could get my hands on one!) and tend to cycle through trending companies that will compliment their collections.

There are three main lines – for lack of a better term – these are Babaton, Wilfred and TNA. Each of these brands has now expanded into small capsule lines like Wilfred Free and 1-01 Babaton. Each of the lines corresponds to a different price point. Babaton being the highest, Wilfred the middle and TNA the lowest. You can also think of the lines this way: Babaton is work wear, Wilfred is for casual Friday’s and TNA is street wear.

Shipping and Returns

Aritzia has really good shipping, they use FedEx, and I find they are either early or on time. They have free shipping over $150, and express shipping available. I’ve actually only ever used express shipping once and it was because I needed a skirt for vacation and was leaving in a week and needed to be sure it would arrive in time, I ordered it at night and the next day mid afternoon my skirt had arrived.

Returns are super easy, the provide a shipping label for you.

They also allow you to cancel your order up to 30 minutes after you place it just incase you made a mistake or are having second thoughts..

Happy Shopping!

xoxo S

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