Blogmas Day 13: Wardrobe Essentials

Hellooo, everyone!!!

To anyone and everyone that knows me, they know that I wear black jeans, white tennis shoes and some form of white t-shirt almost all year round. Except the tennis shoes, the snow kills my vibe. I do also have a few other favourites that I wanted to share.

The first piece always, a pair of high waisted skinny black jeans. I currently have the BDG Twig Mid- Rise Skinny Jeans being worn on repeat constantly. They are super stretchy and keep their shape nicely.


#2, The Laundry Room Zodiac TeeDSC_0409_109c2c30-412b-4676-877b-67a112b7ca95#3, A good leather jacket. Black, blue, tan, whatever colour, it has to be something that makes you comfortable.

I have a Danier one which I bought in Grade 10 or 11, and then an All Saints one which was a 19th birthday present. (Thank you Mom and Dad )

WL094F-3969-1 #4, that basic white tee, gotta love it. I really like the tees from Abercrombie and Fitch, they are comfy, hold up well under washing and if you get them all sale then they are so inexpensive.


xoxo Steph

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