Blogmas Day 14: Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

While I love shopping for others but sometimes I just don’t know what to get so #teaminternet comes to the rescue and gift guides save me.

For the Home Owner:

Anthropologie is a sure bet to win, with cute little trinkets you can always find something new and a little bit quirky that they are sure to not already own.

A Monogram Mug, at Christmas they bring out a gold version of their classic mug and it is gorgeous.


 A pretty, pretty bottle opener36733145_070_b

The most adorable measuring cups ever.


For the foodies.

Anthro, Chapters and William Sonoma have good home stuff, but they have even better chocolates, tea and snacks that a lot of people wouldn’t normally purchase for themselves.

Chocolates for your girl who loves her Wednesday Wine and Whine nights.


For the aspiring bartender (again at girls nights, usually defaulting in wine) 38290870_020_b

William Sonoma Peppermint Bark, if this isn’t love then well… it’s amazing and chocolate, to me love.


For the clothes addict.

Girls from the GTA can attest, Aritzia is one of the be all and end alls of what to wear.

One of the best pieces (I think) is a rancher hat. There’s a strong likely hood that if they haven’t already bought one from themselves that they’ve been eyeing one.

f15_04_n02_57057_1381_on_bA blanket scarf, they are on the pricey side so again, she may not have wanted to commit to it for herself but it would make a lovely gift.


xoxo Steph

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