Blogmas Day 16: What to Buy the Social Media Obsessed Person in You Life

It’s hard to buy for any person regularly, but what do you get the person in your life who is constantly on Instagram, or finding new products through blogs?

1.Ollo Clip Photo Lense: Let them elevate their photography to the next level with this tool.olloclip

2. Olympus Air: This is something that I personally have had my eye on since the summer. It’s a DSLR Mirrorless Lense that connects to your smartphone! The Ollo Clip is definitely a good photography tool, but this turns your phone into a DSLR. Seriously convenient and the best quality pictures where ever you are. Olympus-AIr

3. Mophie PowerStation x2: Last but not least a power station, if they are obsessed with social media then they are probably on their phone 24/7 and need a reliable power source on the go. 

xoxo Steph

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