Blogmas Day 15: NARS Haul


NARS has always been one of my favourite brands, but it is definitely not¬†inexpensive by any means. While trying to uphold the Project Pan that I’ve set has been difficult, it’s given me the chance to look at my makeup collection and synthesize it down to what I use and what I don’t use. What I’ve decided, is that instead of every 10 products getting a fun non- essential item like lipstick I would just replace my essentials with really good quality products from brands that I’m obssesed with.

From NARS, I picked up their ¬†Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder, a Laguna Bronze and an Audacious Lipstick in Annabella. The Lipstick is more for my mom than it is for me but I’m 100% stealing it, sorry Mom.

xoxo Steph


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