California Dreaming

6:30 am – It’s time.

6:35 am – It’s really time, feet on floor, shuffle loudly to alert parents of awakeness, avoid door frame, cold floor, contact lenses, hygiene.

6:55 – Time to leave. Close suitcase, drag, avoid walls, landing, call dad for help, double check, hit door frame, swear, time to go.

7:05 – “Air Canada, American Departures┬áplease.”

7:10 – Q.E.W Eastbound to Toronto Pearson International Order.

The last three trips that I have taken have started out in this same way. New York City last summer, Las Vegas over New Years and now California. This trip, for the first time, is my idea. Sure New York City last summer was because I was going to summer school at Parsons but this is the first time we are going somewhere and relying on the information I have gathered from Pinterest, Google, and Instagram.

The Plan: Over 13 days drive from Los Angeles to San Franciso along the Pacific Coast Highway. Pinterest, you have yet to fail me on recipe suggestions and have given me great outfit suggestions, the pressures on. California Road Trip, here we come.

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