Getting Your Wardrobe Ready for Fall 2022

Hey Hungries,

Welcome back to the blog – it has been a minute – today I’m back and talking about my most favourite fashion seasons of the year… the summer to fall transition. Combining my most favourite seasons together into one beautiful, perfect weather, perfect layering moment that sadly in Ontario lasts all of 2 minutes.

In preparation for the new season, I wanted to share with you a few things that I am doing to transition my wardrobe.

The first thing I’ve been looking at is expanding/pulling out my summer knit wear collection. Summer knit wear isn’t always required (or wanted) but definitely if you live somewhere on the coast or in cottage country, you know a cozy lightweight sweater is a staple for cool summer nights. As the nights grow cooler here in the city, I’ll definitely be pulling out my knit wear for evenings out! Some of my current favourite open knit pieces are from Reformation!

The next thing I’ve been doing is expanding my button down shirt collection – I am loving layering them over my active wear to keep the sun off my shoulders/keep my warm in air conditioning. Button downs – in my opinion- are the perfect layering pieces to add some dimension and potential coverage to your look in between now and blazer season.

The final thing I’ve been doing to prepare my wardrobe for fall is to refreshing my denim collection with a couple new styles and colours. I’m still not back in-love with a dark blue denim, so I’ve been picking up white and off-white denim to keep my wardrobe light and airy while adding some much needed warmth for the changing season!

xoxo S

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