Glazed Donut Nails aka. Hailey Bieber Nails – What you should know, What to Ask For, Tips, How to DIY, How it Wears etc.

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Glazed Donut Nails aka the “Hailey Bieber Nails” were ALL the rage last summer. While some trends seem like a passing fling, the Glazed Donut Nails and their spin-off “Lipgloss Nails” are here to stay for the time being – and good thing at that because I finally got my hands on the right chrome powder for the look.

At A Salon

To start if you are going to a salon to get your nails done here is what you are going to want to ask for:

Base – A sheer neutral like OPIs Funny Bunny or Put It In Neutral are great options for the original Hailey Bieber viral nails. However, you can ask for any colour to be mixed with some top coat to sheer it out.

If you are at a Nail Salon that has Korean Nail Products (you lucky duck) ask for a Syrup Polish in a skin tone. I’ll talk more about the colours I like etc. in the DIY section but truly I think Hailey Biebers Nail Artist must have taken inspiration from the nail art trends in Korea because they have this whole milky/nude/sheer situation down to a science.

Chrome – ok, the colour shift in the chrome is what is is going to make or break the look. The colour that Hailey Biebers Nail Artist uses is Tin Man Can Chrome by OPI. However, not every salon is going to have this exact colour so what you will want to ask for is either a silver or white chrome with no duo-chrome or colour shift. Colour shifts will make your neutral manicure look like mermaid scales – which if that is the goal the 100% but if you just want the pearlescent glazed look a straight white or silver chrome is the look.

How It Will Wear

Regardless of where or how you get your nails done so long as they are sealed properly, the base coat and colour coats are properly cured etc. it will for the most part wear like any other manicure – with one exception.

The Chrome along the tips and sides of your nails (the sides are noticeable if you have longer nails mostly) will wear off faster. It’s less noticeable with a Glazed Donut Nail versus a Mermaid Green Blue Shift Duo Chrome on a Black Base. But it still happens so I want to mention it so you are prepared.

Chrome nails (if done properly) are a little thicker than the average shellac or soft gel manicure because the best technique that I have had done on me and I’ve done myself is to complete the colour shellac first, cure with a top coat, chrome the top coat and then add and cure a second top coat layer.

At Home

If you are a DIY nail girly then here are all the products I recommend for achieving your Glazed Donut Nails at home plus the steps I take.

I’ll start with my steps:

1 – Base Coat, cure as per instructions

2 – Colour, 2-3 coats depending on how opaque I want the colour to be. Cure between coats as per instructions.

3- Top Coat, cure as per instructions

4- Apply the chrome with a sponge tip applicator and make sure to work the chrome until reflective not just pearlescent.

5- Top Coat, cure as per instructions.

Ok now really what the key to this look is, the right chrome and the right base colour for the look you want to achieve.

I personally always end up with something very neutral either a milky white base or a milky sheer nude.

I buy all my Korean Nail Polish from Sweetie Nail Supply they are local to me, but ship Internationally (some brands do not ship internationally just be forewarned to read the exclusions).

There are non-Korean colours that I have previously used, but I haven’t been reaching for them since finding the Korean nail polish as I prefer the texture, ingredients and colour selection. The non-Korean brands have in my opinion very little colour range when it comes to nice sheer nudes.

The non-Korean colours I have that offer similar looks:

Le Manoir Gel Care Nude BB

Bio Seaweed Gel Milkshake

These colours are effectively interchangeable – I find the BSG formula a touch better wearing.

From Sweetie Nail Supply:

For Milky White Base I use the DVOK DS02 “Milkis” Colour

For the exact base from the cover photo that “my nails but better” finish is the A_Mini Signature Gel

For a Cool Tone Neutral Yoghurt Nail Kr. Blossom Ending 11 (Nutty/Beige)

For a Creamy Yellow Base Yoghurt Nail Kr. Blossom Ending 09 (Soya Milk)

For a healthy Lip Gloss Nail Yoghurt Nail Kr. Blossom Ending 07 (Blossom Ending)

As for the chrome:

Sweetie Nail Supply just started carrying a white chrome from NailBayo – that looks so lovely.

Alternatively you can use Tin Man Can Chrome by OPI or you can also order the one I got from Toronto Nail & Beauty Supply:

There are tons of chrome powders available – just make sure they are white/silver (not mirrored) with no reflux, duochrome or holo unless of course that holo/mermaid shift is what you want.

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