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Hey Hungries,

Gossip Girl is back and in the age of Instagram nevertheless. Who knew less than a decade after the original ended with Dan being Gossip Girl (still salty over this reveal), that Gossip Girl would be back and no longer in blog form?

It’s the reboot we’ve been waiting for, but will it live up to our expectations?

Here’s what you need to know:

Kristen Bell is reprising her role as the icon voice of Gossip Girl, to be fair, the reboot would not be the same without her.

Same schools, different cast. This is not a remake, it’s a sequel. It’s going to be Rich, privileged teens living and going to school on the Upper East Side but 2021 edition.

The show has set out to be more diverse than the Original, and while they’ve done that I personally feel that (once again) the Asian representation is lacking. Common, after the success of Crazy Rich Asians, you would think they would FINALLY include a few more CRA’s into the mix?

They’ve also appeared to try to make the show more woke. I’m indifferent on the matter, but I will say part of the magic of the original series was that the privilege and entitlement was so outrageous and excessive that it was a true fictionalization of “Rich People Problems”. We shall see how this plays out in the series, only time will tell.

***Warning Spoilers Ahead***

ALRIGHT. WHY. ARE. WE. FOCUSING. ON. THE. TEACHERS?!? And honestly, were the students in the Original series scared of Gossip Girl? Or did they live their fabulous lives and dealt with the wrench GG would occasionally throw into it? And who is this teacher who allegedly went to Constance?? Too much time is being spent on the teachers and not enough time is spent on the fabulously dressed students (who the show is actually about).

AGAIN. WHY. ARE. WE. FOCUSING. ON. THE. TEACHERS?!? And why are THEY Gossip Girl? I already don’t love the fact that we know who Gossip Girl is right from the get go. One of the aspects of the original series that made it so enjoyable was the almost omnipotent figure of Gossip Girl who seemingly knew everything about everyone.

The whole Zoya Obi changing INFRONT of a window… AND the teacher being pervy and taking photos of it?!? I have many questions and none of them kind to that teacher. My speculation is also that they (Zoya and Obi) are going to be a thing. Very very soon. The reboot’s version of Serena and Blair going after the same boys may be Zoya and Julien… kinda weird considering they are sisters and all.

I also am still unsure about the fashion. I do love it and a lot of it is very much things that I would consider wearing myself. However, it’s not as out there and aspirational as the original series. We shall see.

Overall, this first episode for me is not it. Too much time is spent on the auxiliary cast and not enough time is spent on the central characters. I’m hoping the series builds into a full blown drama fest, but the pilot didn’t hook me in the same way the original one did. I really wish they had teased out the relationship between Zoya and Julien more, like they did with why Serena left and why she came back.

I do appreciate that the ‘minions’ Monet and Luna are just as devious and conniving as in the original series.

We shall see what the coming episodes hold!

xoxo S

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