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Hey Hungries,

Welcome back to my on-going review of the newest Gossip Girl Reboot.

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Here’s What We Know So Far:

*** Warning Spoilers Ahead ***

Gossip Girl is back and once again has her sights set on the students of Constance Billard and St. Judes. Unlike with the original series we discovered who Gossip Girl was in the first episode…. the teachers….

The new Blair/Serena dynamic is between half sisters Zoya and Julien, who are most definitely into the same boy… awkward.

Obi is 100% the new Dan, but a wealthier, woke version of Dan… he even lives in DUMBO, just like Dan.

Max Wolfe is the new Chuck, down to the partying, drugs, propensity for debauchery and that the actor is faking a British Accent just like Ed Westwick did.

If you are following any of the Gossip Girl social media accounts, you will get a daily dose of tips from her about the show and cast.

My Thoughts:

Max and the teacher.. it’s like Aria and Mr. Fitz from PPL if Mr. Fitz had actually stopped the affair. I’m genuinely excited to see how this dynamic unfolds as a teacher/student fling is VERY much in line with the teen shows I grew up with AND given that Rafa (said teacher) knows who Gossip Girl is, it’s going to create some ongoing tension and drama for sure.

Also in line with Max and his interests, the dynamic between him, Audrey and Aki is going to get heated. I think it’d be great for them to all to explore this, BUT obviously that’s not going to happen and likely Gossip Girl will have something to do with the dissolutions of their relationships. Le sigh.

I must say, the second episode is getting gooooddd. Once the focus shifted off the teachers and more onto the central cast of the students I have been finding myself getting drawn into the drama. Audrey dealing with an absentee but present mother and Julien struggling with maintaining her position as the Queen B or keeping her relationships in tact is very on-brand for Gossip Girl.

Another super enjoyable part of this series is the music. So much of it has or is trending on TikTok, which I like as its very much the music du jour for Gen Z. Though, on the note of TikTok… why is Gossip Girl posting on IG when Gen Z absolutely DOMINATES TikTok. Seems to me that that would be the place you’d want to be posting to reach the students at the school.

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