Gossip Girl (2021) S1 EP 5 Hope Stinks | Episode Review

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Welcome back to my on-going review of the new Gossip Girl Reboot. It’s been 8 years since we found out how Gossip Girl *really* was (still have so many questions about that) and GG is back for the next generation. While we’ve been teased with cameos and original cast sightings we haven’t actually had a REAL OG cast cameo. That’s about to change as allegedly this episode has one… and not Milo Sparks (née) Ivanov and not Rebecca Sherman an obscure reference to season 2 of the original series – they thought she might have been Gossip Girl). There are rumours that it might be Vanessa, it might even be Melanie91… the girl in Grand Central who first “Spotted” Serena getting off the train from boarding school. Only time (and a 56 minutes episode) will tell.

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140 Character (or Less) Recap

We met Milo Sparks… a diabolical 10 year old 8th grader, who just like his mum is a massive schemer. We also saw the inside of his house which weirdly had a picture of Blair Waldorf on the wall. Julien and Zoya have called a truce for now and well… minions are being minions.

***Warning Spoilers Ahead***

Ooooo the Halloween Episode!

Ok why did we *need* to see Max um…. welp that happened ok. I am glad that sexual tension is working itself out and so far they are flying under radar which I hope lasts because I ship them.

Going back to the Halloween of it all. I’m really excited to see what they pull out for the costumes and I’m really confused why Julien is being so agro about making it seem like her and Zoya are good instead of just being good?!?

Zoya brings up an excellent point that after a kid brings a gun to school a costume contest is a bit frivolous and most certainly not the way to go… but of course they are going to go ahead with the costumes.

Oh KATE IS NOW HAVING A CRISIS OF CONSCIOUS… NOW… after Zoya was cyberbullied, the whole child pornography situation and well Zoya’s birthday debacle.

And Obi… Obi Obi Obi… dude. You had one job which was to not be Dan 2.0 but wow… he’s now questioning his relationship to Zoya after he a) broke up with Julien and in the process hurt her b) started dating his ex’s sister and c) got alllllll up in his feels about how Zoya was changing without acknowledging that she was changing because she was being cyber bullied because SHE WAS DATING HIM. I just… WHY.

Oooo the boy on the bus who doesn’t read Gossip Girl? It’s too good to be true, but we shall see.

RIP Audrey, her mom just sprung catastrophic level bad news on Audrey.

Zoya with the takedown… I am stoked, I love it. The sass, the eloquence, the “Who are you?” It was a Blair Waldorf level of perfection and execution that has yet to be seen in the reboot.

I really don’t understand Max and Rafa BOTH shutting Aki down super hard and high key “telling him how it is”. He’s just trying to be a good friend to Max and keep Rafa in a job… and Rafa was just so rude and threatened him.

OMG Pippa and Bianca as Blair and Serena. ICONIC. ZOYA’S “I’m Chuck Bass”!!! Fantastic


Oooffff the accusation that Zoya is Gossip Girl, it makes total sense considering that Dan the “outsider” ended up being the ultimate insider and Zoya has jumped from outsider to instant insider thanks to her sister Julien.

Ugh Rafa is now the worst (officially) and Max is back in the fold. The gang + Zoya – Monet is now back together again and Gossip Girl is back in form! Let the games begin.

xoxo S

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