Gossip Girl (2021) S1 EP 4 Fire Walk With Z | Episode Review

Hey Hungries,

Welcome back to my review of the Gossip Girl Reboot.

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140 Character (Or Less) Recap

Ep 1: Too much time spent on the teachers, EP 2: Getting a bit better, EP 3: WE HOOKED. The fashion is also right up my alley and is making me super excited for fall fashion.

***Warning Spoilers Ahead***

Ok, so overall I’m really liking Kristen Bells continued narration of the series… but… the actual Gossip Girl blasts are not hitting the same. They aren’t quite as… to use GG’s own words from this episode… revolutionary as the originals.

Julien going filter-free isn’t exactly revolutionary IRL, but it does point to the growing trend on social media where creators are becoming less-filtered, less highlight reel look at life. Her minions not being on board with her new filter-free M.O. also points to the issue of how we (generalized we) want to follow aspirational people and still to some extent crave this perfectly filtered life. La vie en rose, if you will. We’ll see how this all shakes out, but, Julien is starting to take back her power and use her platform for herself which I really like to see. Her two friends being both her stylist and PR Rep is really really odd… especially considering that Luna and Monet only care about using Julien for their own benefit and don’t have her best interests at heart.

The full revelation of how Zoya and Julien’s mum passed is so heartbreaking, and how Zoya has internalized it as being her fault… I don’t blame Zoya at all for how she feels, it must be hard to not internalize that blame.

Ugh back to the teachers… is she actually complaining about being Gossip Girl? When they purposely started it up again??

A sister war, this is very reminiscent of the OG Gossip Girl, and with dualing parties at that. LOL. Ok so the drama is ok, it’s a bit mellow dramatic, BUT MILO SPARKS oh my lololololol. Ok, so this isn’t exactly a cameo, given he was a baby and didn’t really have and lines… or screen time… but he was a major player in the whole round 3 (?) 4(?) of the Dan and Georgina being a couple (sorta). So, having him come into the picture as an agent of chaos was a well-intentioned idea. It’s just the execution was… odd.

The party… a mess. I don’t really get why they are reacting so aggressively to each other but clearly, they are in desperate need of a heart to heart.

I also want to have an honourable mention to Obi for going from the do-gooder to full-blown Dan Humphrey *woe is me my girlfriend has depth and emotions other than the ones I expected*. *THE WORST*

We shall see what the next episode holds now that the war is over.. for now.

xoxo S

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