How I’ve Been Managing My Mental Health

Mental health has been a major topic of conversation over the past few years and it’s come even further to the forefront with the pandemic pushing everyone into isolation. Mental health has never been more important, especially when many of our normal coping mechanisms have been taken away from us. This week as I experienced a – at this point – fairly normal swing in my emotional state from happy to anxious back to happy to a weird exhaustion that it couldn’t break for a few days, that the difference this week in comparison to other weeks that didn’t end with me stuck in a permanent exhausted state was how I was handling my mental health. SO, as a reminder to myself but also as a potential reminder to those of you who are, like myself, struggling with slightly more (like a lot more) anxiety than normal I decided to write this post about the ways I’ve been taking care of the mental health.

Take 5-10 minutes a day and do something not online.

For me, this is reading a book. I either like to read right in the middle of my day as a quick escape or right before I go to bed. It’s a small commitment to read a chapter a day, but the ritual combined with the disconnect is a lovely escape.

For you, this could be taking 5 minutes to meditate or do a yoga flow. If the weather is nice, sitting out in the sun to absorb some vitamin D. Anything that gets you off of your phone, computer and away from the TV screen.

Create a routine.

I’ve created a routine for myself that every morning, I’ll wake up and make a cup of tea or iced coffee and then I’ll sit down at my computer and browse whatever tickles my fancy that morning. It could be pinterest, it could be my book it doesn’t matter so long as I a) don’t clock in to work and b) don’t feel any pressure to “complete” a task. Kinda weird but I really like it.

Your routine could be similar, or it could be more complex or it could be less complex. You might like journaling and take the time with your morning coffee to write, or you could have making breakfast as your morning ritual. Whatever you decide, it should make you happy and also be something you can stick to everyday.

Listen to your body.

For me this has been working out a lot more and eating what I want with the exception of junk food. Since my industry has pretty much slowed to a stop and my exams have been thrown for a loop I have more free time than I normally would around this time of year. The free time has given me the ability to take almost daily walks (sometimes I don’t walk if it’s too cold or I’m feeling tired) and also do strength training almost everyday.

During this time of stress, it’s really important to listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you need it and workout to boost your mood and immune system.

Those are my tips!

I hope you guys enjoyed them!

xoxo S

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