Your Product – Parsons x Teen Vogue

I have always loved the idea of an oversized bag, ever since I saw the Chanel  Hula Hoop Bag, I became fascinated with the idea of oversized accessories. I drew my inspiration from the Diane Von Furstenburg 440 Envelope Clutch and the Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch. My piece is an oversized envelope bag, made out of my nautical inspired geometric stripes pattern. This piece took FOREVER to make; the longest part of the process was developing the stripped pattern and waiting for the paint to dry. I watched it happen. Not a good time. Once the paint was dry, it was relatively easy to fold it together and push the closure into place. Rest in peace to the poor spoon that was subjected to bending the closure prongs into place.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the cost of creating this product. 
Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 3.33.12 AM

xoxo Steph

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