How to Stay On Top of Your 2020 Resolutions

Good Morning Everyone!

We are a little over a month into the New Year and with that, I felt it was a great time to do our first check-in for our resolutions and share some tips on how I’m keeping on top of everything!

How to Stay On Top of Your Fitness Goals

Track Your Workouts

Something that I came across in Lydia Elise Millen’s Best and Worst Purchases of 2019 video interestingly enough is she shared that she tracks her workouts across her monthly calendar, so whenever she opens to the month she can see her progress and/or see when she’s been slacking on the workouts and it re-motivates her to get back to it.

Mix Up Your Routine

Going to the gym by yourself can get really boring, lonely and unmotivating. If you are finding yourself stuck in a workout rut try mixing it up with workout classes or a new routine

A Couple New Pieces Never Hurt Anybody (Unless your whole closet is workout Gear)

If you are really finding yourself unmotivated to go to the gym, it may stem from your closet… hear me out… sometimes I really don’t feel motivated to go to the gym because I feel like all my work out stuff is super ‘blegh’. It’s not like I’m going to the gym to meet people or that I work out at equinox but sometimes it’s nice to spruce up my workout wardrobe with a new addition or replacing an old pair of leggings which remotivates me to hit the gym and show off my new outfit… to my mostly empty gym…

How to Stay On Top of Your Reading Goals

Set Aside Time During the Week to Read

If you are like me and find that you watch a lot of TV at night, try to shake up that habit by dedicating one night a week to reading, or even opt for a block of an hour or two to read before you sleep!

Bring Your e-reader with you everywhere

What I’ve found myself doing is bringing my kindle with me in my bag whenever it’ll fit. That way if I have a moment during the day when I have to wait and don’t want to be scrolling through my phone (blue light and data usage etc.) I’ll pull out my kindle to read instead.

Change your commuting Habits

Ok. Not everyone will be able to do this but it’s applicable for those of us who live in the greater Toronto area and commute into Toronto. If you drive into the city, I’d suggest switching to taking the GO-train. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it gives you at least 15 minutes (if you are commuting from Exhibition) where you can sit down and read instead of driving, sitting in traffic and burning fossil fuels in a single-occupant vehicle.

Read Before Bed

Get yourself into the habit of reading at least one Chapter (approx 15 minutes for most books at an average reading pace) a night before you shut the light off for the night. Not only will this habit get you into bed a little bit earlier so you have the time to read, but reading before bed is apparently supposed to help improve the quality of your sleep. You could easily finish one book a month this way!

How to Stay On Top of Your Other Resolutions

Create a Plan and Put it into your agenda

If you are working on goals such as weight loss or savings goals that have a specific numeric value. Set your end goal at Dec 31st as “x” and work backwards throughout the year on a week – by – week, month- by – month etc. basis marking out incremental goals and the steps you are going to take to get to each incremental goal.

Write To-Do Lists

If your goal is something like “make your bed every morning” then creating a to-do list every night with “make your bed” as the first task that you can check off each day will help! It’s also a small task that is easy to complete that can compound into increased productivity throughout the day.

Set Reminders

Set reminders for your goals in your calendar periodically throughout the year to help you avoid “forgetting” your resolutions or if you fall behind it gives you the opportunity to re-invigorate your dedication to those resolutions.

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