How to Stay Organized with a Job and a Side Hustle

I find it so difficult to balance studying, working and my side hustle… it’s at the point where there’s a lot going on and I feel like there is more work to do than hours in the day. While I’m not perfect yet, I’ve been implementing little things as the year ramps up to help with staying motivated, organized and on task!

Pick a Time to Wake Up and Sleep

What I’ve been working on is having a really disciplined sleep schedule where I’m in bed and sleeping by a certain time every night so I can (attempt) to wake up at a specific time each day. Since I do work from home, I don’t necessarily need to be up incredibly early but I am working my way to an 8am wake up so I can be downstairs at my desk with my first cup of tea by 8:30. 8am to wake up is a massive luxury in the realm of times people have to get up to work, but it also comes with the territory that I work for myself and as such I end up working 6 or 7 days a week, every week.

Knowing how many hours you have of waking time throughout the day can help with scheduling your tasks as well as help you prioritize the most important tasks.

Schedule One Hour of Me Time Per Day

While you might be running around like a mad woman, it’s so important to take some time for you every day to prevent burnout and give yourself a minute to breathe. I like to schedule in an hour for myself (separate and distinct from the gym) where I’ll take the time to read, do laundry, take a bath etc. Something not online and for me that helps me prevent burnout, and gives me a minute to sit back and percolate through my ideas.

To-Do Lists Are Your Best Friend

If you don’t have to-do lists… I’m not sure how you get everything done without a to-do list…

My to-do list is pretty much the only thing that stands between me and the utter chaos that comes with forgetting to do things and having everything being left to the last minute. I find my to-do lists fill in the blanks my day planner can’t possibly fill ie. the random tasks that don’t have a scheduled time, or a distant project that requires many steps.

Choose One Day a Month for Your Side Hustle

Side hustles like a social media one do require daily nurturing, however, there’s not always time every single day to create content/edit/schedule etc. Take one day to film, edit, and schedule as much as you possibly can so you can take the rest of your time and devote yourself 100% into your other tasks.

My preferred method of this is to take 1-2 days a month and batch film as much as I possibly can because I know that I don’t always have the time every month to sit down and film so having extra content on hand is always useful. It also gives me a buffer if I’m feeling a little bit burnout in one particular area and need a week to recover.

I hope these tips help!

xoxo S

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