Movers and Shakers

I’ve talked about these two girls quite a bit, not directly but enough to the point where they know I’m talking about them… or at least in Marianne’s cause her pictures are ALL OVER the blog.

These two wonderful women are the two crazies who put up with my crazy and they are my Parsons roommate Dilan and the now Sour Watermelon obsessed Marianne.

The reason for me mentioning them is because of their respective social media platforms.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.41.01 AM

Dilan while not active on Instagram has a to die for tumblr of all of her own pictures. Her photographic eye is something I am incredibly envious of down to how she edits her pictures. For the next little while my tumblr will be filled with her pictures (sorry for the spam in advance Dilan) because I am utterly obsessed.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.41.22 AM

Marianne is an avid Instagrammer and her Insta. Ok you guys, I need to sit down before I get into this (I’m already sitting… maybe I should lay down?). Three words for you: Marianne’s Instagram Theme. Hello clear, white and blue with fun pops of neutral wood tones. Can’t even deal.

You can find them at: 

Go check them out and give them some love because they are both incredibly talented and beautiful women.

XOXO Steph

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