The Boathouse Central Park


June 8th is a day I will not forget. Why? I went to the Boathouse for dinner. The Boathouse overlooks the pond in Central park and Bethesda Terrace. While dining under its red awnings it’s common to catch a glimpse of the turtles and fish who live in these waters. The grandeur of the Boathouse is not missed amongst the stately white pillars and your fellow diners.

A moments commentary needs to be spent discussing my fellow meal takers. My friends and I were a part of the smattering of younger patrons at the restaurant, seated between the opulently dressed natives and the families of tourists.

The food is well deserving of any and all praise it receives and worth every tantalizing, agonizing moment spent waiting for it to arrive once seated. As nice treat yourself meal, I indulged in the steak. SO GOOD. The sauce, a mushroom compote was rich, filling and perfectly paired to the meat. If that doesn’t make your palette water any seasoned traveller will know that at times vegetables are far and few between and there were vegetables present, a healthy full serving of vegetables.

After completing our meals and practically rolling ourselves out to the shuttle that would drop us back on 5th ave, it began to drizzle. I feel like I keep repeating myself over and over about how amazing everything is but even a downpour could not sour my mood in the city.

xoxo Steph

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