Native Deodorant Review

Helloo everyone! We are back today with another aluminium free/paraben free/natural deodorant review.

These are the deodorants that sparked my move away from traditional drugstore deodorant (yes even the aluminium free types) and start to venture into more natural realms. What initially drew me to Native was they have a really nice range of scents as well as unscented versions and a plastic free packaging range. I didn’t get the plastic free range, only because I wanted to get the three pack first to try a range of scents. Once I need to reorder, I’ll be opting for the plastic free packaging.

I got 4 scents: Rosé, Sweet Nectar + Peach, Rose + Lavender and Cactus + Poppy

Rose + Lavender is my favourite out of the four, it mostly smells of lavender which is one of my favourite scents. I also like Sweet Nectar + Peach, it is really sweet and is so perfect for this time of year.

The Rosé is ok, it’s very sweet and floral, not really my favourite. I can’t really stand the Cactus + Poppy, it’s ya… thank god I got the small size in it because having to suffer through a full size for however long it’ll last me would not be fun.

Like I said in my other post: For consistency and thoroughness, I am reviewing the deodorants under 3 circumstances: 1) Golfing, while golf is overall a low impact sport, you are not spared from intense sweating if you are playing in 35 degree weather with a crazy high humidex and tend to jog between shots to keep pace of play on occasion aka. me 2) a causal day at home, I find that even throughout the day there can be some development of a smell situation as one goes about their everyday life 3) a day out, either to lunch or errands, whatever the outness actually is it’s quite a bit more active and less sedentary than a regular ole day at home.

Overall Thoughts:

Texture: SO GOOD. It’s a bit dry (not powdery thought) so the application is a bit hard but once it’s applied I can’t feel it. Unlike regular deodorants which can be a bit wet or sticky, this is lovely.

Smell: It’s very strong at first but then settles down. I do get whiffs of it throughout the first hour or two of wearing it.

Efficacy: They work! Thank god because I’ve got three full sized tubes and a mini. Like with the Malin + Goetz one I didn’t feel like I ended up with some weird chemical PH interaction scent change and it doesn’t leave residue in the armpit area of my shirts.

Would I Recommend: Yes! They are a pretty good price and they get the job done! The fact you can’t just pop out into a store to get them is a little annoying, but they do offer refills where they will send them out to you when they think you’re close to needing another!

Price: $$ They are more expensive than drugstore deodorant, but I think the quality and texture of the product is so much better AND it’s natural.

xoxo S

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