My All Time Favourite Hair Care Brands

Hair care is such a hit or miss category for me. I find my hair is best when I leave it mostly to it’s own devices and really doesn’t do well with product UNLESS I actually want curls to last and then I have to put in so much product it’s sad. I also find that many hair products cause me to breakout along my jaw and hairline where the product touches with further fuels my want to leave my hair to it’s own devices. However, with much experimentation I’ve found a handful of products that work for me that I wanted to share!


The Aveda Cherry Almond Shampoo and Conditioner has been a lifelong favourite of my which I’ve been using since I was little! It unfortunately got discontinued for a little bit but they’ve brought it back and I’ve STOCKED UP! I’ve always loved Aveda products, they always get the job done and they smell amazing!


While on the pricey side, Kerastase masks are genius. I find with other masks that I use them and my hair feels soft and hydrated right after I use them, but they crazily weigh my hair down and then the effects mostly disappear after I wash my hair. With Kerastase, however, the results last a few washes and my hair isn’t weighed down after so I can style my hair as I normally would.


Oribe makes my all time favourite styling products! They make two amazing texturizing sprays that actually work on my hair and help keep my curls intact. Oribe also has amazing products for when you want a sleek blow out or a slicked backed ponytail. I can’t rave enough about their style products!

xoxo S

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