On the Hunt: July 2020

It’s SUMMMMEEERRR!!! Woot! This months hunting is very random in terms of fashion, but very practical. I’ve got three items on my hunt and they are only here because Lululemon IS CONSTANTLY SOLD OUT online and I really don’t want to go into a store for clothes. Seems superfluous and just unnecessarily risky atm.

My first item is tennis/golf skirts. I like the Lululemon versions the best because the shorts underneath have ball pockets and the shorts have a rubberized lining so the shorts don’t slide around.

My second item is black Tracker Shorts for running and to hangout in. I really like wearing athletic wear as my loungewear so I can change once after I wake up and be ready to work or go for a run/walk and then shower etc. after that. I just can’t seem to time my search to line up with when they have the shorts I want, in the colour I want and in my size.

The final piece I am hunting for is the Align Tank for the same rational as the tracker shorts. I want to get a couple pieces that I can just throw on in the morning, go about my day, be ready for a workout etc. and not scare anyone who pops by the house.

xoxo S

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