Spring/Summer 2020 Colour Trends

It’s a new season here and honestly I can’t wait for the warmer weather! The warmer weather means it’s finally time to ditch our dark, heavy clothes in favour of a bit more colour.

*all data is taken from WGSN*

I’ve been loving the pastel trends that are coming out this season. Sage greens, lilacs, lavenders and buttery yellows galore all season long.

The most sought after colour of the season was by far Sage green. It was everywhere and everyone was obsessed. Everything and everyone wanted to be sage green, from faux croc sandals to beautiful pastel liner. This colour isn’t going anywhere, it’ll be popular throughout the A/W and through to 2020 if WGSN is right (which they always are).

A shade that has everyone questioning die-hard fashion rules this season is yellow. Yellow in fashion is an often produced, but often foregone shade by myself and I’m sure many of you as it has always been amore difficult shade to pull off… I mean… seriously, who actually looks good in Canary Yellow?? Not me, let me tell you. This season however, we’ve seen a softer side to yellow, with orange leaning marigolds and buttery pastels making their way into the forefront.

Finally, this year we saw a rise in cantaloupe orange. This milk orange hue has sprung up this spring, and I personally am not sure how to feel. My inclination is that this is a one season colour, but for those of you who are in love with orange hues, this is a softer shade to wear to partake in the pastel trend.

xoxo S

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