On the Hunt: November 2020

Hello hello!

We are nearing the end of the year and I’m honestly so excited. I love holiday season in general and with the year that we’ve had, I’m excited excited to celebrate and make my home has wonderfully festive as possible. Also with my exams coming to an end, I’m finally going to have a bit more free time so I’m really feeling the “treat yo self” vibes for this month.

The first item I am hunting for this month is another pair of the Melina Pants. They are so popular and I wear my constantly so I’m definitely going to try to pick up another pair during Clientele.

The second item I’m hunting for is another item from Aritzia and that is the Montpellier Sweater. I sadly shrunk my original one in the wash so while I figure out how to unshrink it I decided to get a backup because it’s my favourite sweater.

The final item I am hunting for this month is socks and tights. This is so random, but I like being real with you guys and I genuinely am hunting for some really warm socks and tights.

That’s is everything I’m hunting for this month!

xoxo S

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