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In trying on different items of clothing, I noticed there was a huge discrepancy between a Forever 21 small and an Aritzia small and a Lululemon size 2 and an Aritzia size 2. After trying on numerous sweaters and jeans and dresses, I found that I range from an extra- small to a small and a zero all the up to a size four. That’s six different sizes that I could potentially fit into for clothing. When it came to jeans, it was between two sizes a 24 and a 25.

I finally settled on writing about a knitted sweater from Free People. I tried it on in every size the store carried and then brought my usual size home to see how it would wear paired with different pants/undergarments.

Between the extra- small and the small, there was virtually no size difference. The sleeves were half an inch longer and the length was half an inch longer, but no adjustments were made to the bust or arm holes. The small to the medium saw drastic differences, every aspect of the sweater was sized up as was with the large. On the large the most notable difference was the length of the sleeves. Compared to my size (extra- small) the sleeves were 5 inches longer. Even within my size, there was an inch of fluctuation between the smallest and the largest of the extra- smalls.

xoxo Steph


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