Veronica Lodge Get the Look Riverdale Season 1

I wrote a Cheryl Blossom Get The Look last year for season one and it’s arguably been my most popular blog post to-date… like people STILL search it lol. SO I felt it was time to do one for Veronica Lodge. Between the two girls, they epitomize everything I want my fall/winter fashion to be.

While Cheryl is all about the Black, Blue and Red tones, Veronica is about the jewel tones, feminine office wear pieces and capes. Just like with my Cheryl Blossom Get The Look, I’m going to break down how you can replicate her looks!

Veronica loves her dresses – the girlier the better, in season one you see her in mostly bodycon and, fit and flare styles. You can shop for dresses in these cuts below.

Styling Tip: When looking for Veronic Lodge inspired pieces, look for peter pan collars and dainty embellishments like lace.

Veronica Lodge would not be iconic without her signature cape.

Styling Tip: When wearing a cape in the fall and winter, it’s best to wear with a pair of long (elbow length) gloves. Capes tend to leave your forearms on the exposed side, and long gloves help to provide that additional layer of warmth.

When it comes to her clothing choices, she is all about the skirt/crop top combinations that are either matched sets or very classic shapes in navy or black.

Styling Tip: When wearing a bold pattern like plaid, keep everything else simple

The accessories that Veronica always chooses are very classic elegant pieces. When you are shopping for jewellery and accessories for yourself, look for the evergreen staples ie. a pearl necklace, a classic black structured tote bag.

Styling Tip: Veronica never goes too loud with her accessories, keep everything understated by choosing one necklace at a time.

Veronica’s shoe choice pretty much always finds her in some form of classic pump or sandal. These are super popular and you can find versions everywhere! I’ve linked a few of my favourites below.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

xoxo Steph



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