Summer Book Club: Sex and Vanity

Good morning everyone! We are at the halfway point in the Summer Book Club, the time is going so so so fast. I’m really so excited about this book, I love the author, the narrator is my favourite and this really is the most perfect summer book. The author himself intended it as a summer read.

First Impressions: It’s Crazy Rich Asians but in Capri with a half Chinese half WASP lead (it’s legitimately about as close to my mix as I’ve ever seen explored in main stream media) WE ARE HERE FOR IT

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July 8TH: The Overdue Life of Amy Byler
Rating: 10/10
Readability: 10/10
Would Recommend: Yes!
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Length: 355 Pages


Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan

Rating: 9/10
Readability: 10/10
Would Recommend: Yes!

Immediately I fell into the flow of reading this book. I love that Kevin Kwan has kept the same style and tone of writing as his first trilogy, like with the CRA books he brings together the East and the West, this time with Upper East Sides WASPS and Taiwanese Bourgeoises. The main character is a Happa/Halfie (Happa is a Hawaiian term meaning half, usually denoting one of mixed race descent *typically Asian*) (also love that representation for my fellow mixed kids) *** the next three books also follow another mixed family ***.

The first half of the book is set in Capri at a fabulous wedding where Lucy first meets George. The visual imagery of the island and the insane Crazy Rich Asian-ness of the wedding was perfection*chef’s kiss*. Really everything I would want in a book about fabulous people spending the summer in Europe for a wedding. The second half of the book is legitimately Crazy Rich Asians and Gossip Girl had a baby being partially in Manhattan and partially in the Hamptons.

I loved this book, there is a lot to relate to with Lucy and her coming to terms with herself, her identity and the journey she takes to release herself from her perception of what others think of her. There are lots of micro-aggressions that she encounters throughout the novel, from her family not accepting her mixed heritage to the random woman in her buildings elevator thinking she’s a delivery person. They are small touches to the novel that further reinforce Lucy’s own identity confusion and to be fair, add to her not accepting and embracing her own identity. As the second half unfolds and Lucy has to confront her feelings, I was hooked. I absolutely needed to know what happens, and who she ends up with. You could say I was really invested.

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P.S. I Still Love You, and Always and Forever, Lara Jean

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