The Lipstick Project

I confess I have far too many lipsticks and really… I don’t wear lipstick often and if I do it’s a small small handful of my actual collection. As a part of my 2020 New Years Resolutions, I mentioned that one of my resolutions for this year is to declutter most aspects of my life. Hence, I’ve decided to begin a diligent use-up of my lipstick collection and really focus on getting it down to a handful (10 maybe ) lipsticks that from here on out operate on a one-in -and-one-out system.

While I’m not going to fully detail every single lipstick I own, I am going to lay out my general rules and ideas for how this project is going to go down.

Top Priority: I know for-sure that there are 2 brands of lipstick that I’ve decided to no longer purchase: MAC Cosmetics and Kat Von D, which puts them squarely at the top of my list of use-up and GET THEM OUT.

The reasoning is that the MAC Cosmetics formula doesn’t work for me and Kat Von D as a person does not have the same ethical, moral, social, and political values ( For one, she’s an anti-vaxer and after spending the last year living with someone who was immuno compromised who relied on the rest of society to be vaccinated PLEASE GET YOUR DAMN SHOTS PEOPLE) so I will not be supporting her lifestyle by spending money on her products any longer. It’s actually kinda sad because I do really like Bow & Arrow liquid lipstick.

Second Priority: Any bullet lipsticks by NARS and Bite Beauty. I much prefer a liquid lipstick in terms of texture.

I find that with a bullet lipstick that it always ends up all over my face due to eating, talking, my hair whipping across my face etc. I find liquid lipsticks far less maintenance and I prefer a no transfer finish.

Third Priority: My Kylie Cosmetic Lipglosses, they are beautiful but difficult to wear.

I haven’t reached for them very much for two reasons: I’m not a huge gloss person and when I do want a gloss I much prefer my NARS tinted lip oil which is shiny but incredibly comfortable and lightweight.

Fourth Priority: Kylie Cosmetic Liquid Lipsticks. I need to really go through my collection to find the colours that work for me and those that don’t and put up with the formulation for the colours that are flattering.

Weirdly, I used to love the formula but now that more companies have released liquid lipstick formulations I find that they are a little bit thick and less comfortable than many of their competitors.

Final Priority: Minis and sample sizes.

I’ve got a few minis lying around of some colours that I don’t wear ever that I’m going to try to make work just so I can get them out of my collection as well as some minis that I need to use up so I can buy the full size because I love them (My NARS Liquid Lipsticks in particular).

The rules are quite simple: Use up as many lipsticks as possible throughout 2020 and do not buy anymore very simple!

Updates will come out as and when I use up lipsticks!

xoxo S

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