The Most Flattering Dress In My Wardrobe

Helllloooooo Everyone!

So, I have bought into a trend (two fold) and let me tell you, I’m supremely here for it. It’s the most flattering dress in my wardrobe. It’s the Lioness Military Minds Dress in the colour sage. It’s definitely more of a trend piece with the ruching on the sides and the colour sage. I’m obsessed with this colour though, it’s (in my opinion) the perfect green pastel shade. It’s more blue-grey than mint and a little less bright, which suits my style perfectly.

Colour aside, this dress is really really flattering. I classify my body type as average leaning slightly lanky. While I’d love to have some curves *I do not have the facilities for that*… I also have fairly noticeable hip dips which when wearing a tight bodycon make me look like I’ve got a perma-muffin top in the oddest way (read: my hips look misshapen and uneven). The ruching on the side masks that problem area perfectly.

This dress also gives the illusion that I have more curvature to my body then I actually do and it adds a nice lift illusion to *ze booty*. Which, any dress that can do that (especially without a belt) is 10/10 in my opinion.

It’s pretty safe to say, I’ll be picking this dress up in a few more colours and the long sleeve version for the fall/winter season.

xoxo S

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