Winter Wardrobe Essentials Everyone Should Own

We are in the depths of winter, which has got me thinking about the pieces in my wardrobe that I constantly gravitate towards and can’t possibly live without, along with pieces that I really wish I had to round out my selection. I’ve broken my picks down to “Items I wish I Owned” and “Items I Own” just for ease and so you guys have an idea of what’s in my wardrobe and what I’ll be looking for.

Items I Wish I Owned

This winter I’ve really wish I had some really comfy oversized plain hoodies and crew necks to throw on over my thermals when I’m having a more casual day. They’d be perfect to pair under denim jackets, wool coats and blazers once the weather starts to warm up a little.

Another item that I wish I had was a few basic knit oversized turtlenecks… Aritzia Montpellier Sweater vibes. Every year I try to acquire a few new sweaters, but this year I haven’t since the weather has been reasonably mild but every once in a while it really drops and I really would like some warm knits to throw on if I need to look put together for a meeting, dinner etc.

My final item or item category that I wished I owned were some basic blazers (I actually do not own any surprisingly) that can be worn layered with knits and thermals.

Items I Own

THERMALS. OMG. If you don’t own Uniqlo heat tech or an equivalent then you need to get some. I wear heat tech every time I need to leave the house and I really notice the difference between when I’m wearing heat tech and when I’m not wearing heat tech.

Basic crew neck Cashmere/Alpaca knits are essential. The natural fibres are much much warmer than polyester blends and they are so good for layering (everything is about layering).

Mom jeans… so many people have labeled mom jeans as passe and so “2019” HOWEVER they do not live in Canada and clearly do not know that mom jeans are the perfect facilitator for layering warmer leggings underneath. Don’t knock it until you try it.

BOOTS THAT GO UP ABOUT YOUR ANKLE. MY GOODNESS PEOPLE COVER YOUR ANKLES. Ok I sound old.. but the best thing I own probably out of all of my winter items is my pair of Dr. Martens. Not only do these boots have a hefty tread, but they go about a third of the way up my calf so my ankles are nice and protected from the horrendous winter chill.

Ski socks… yes guys. If you are not wearing Ski socks in your boots then you are missing out on a whole world of toasty-ness for your tootsys. Just saying, if you get cold easily try a warmer pair of socks… you will thank me.

xoxo S

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