The Beauty Shelfie – January

Helloooo everyone! It’s Feb… sorry this post is late! But I’ve decided to start a new series for my blog which is the Beauty Shelfie, it’s a mixture of a rotating project pan and a look into what skincare I’ve been adding using etc. I’m going to be posting a “shelfie” every month that I take at the beginning of each month to show you the process of slowly decluttering my skincare. I’ll also share reviews of the products that I have used up as I go!

Ok, this month my shelfie is a LOT crowded.,. however, I did put a major dent into my skincare “collection” in 2019 through my no-buy/replacement purchase only efforts.

There’s quite a bit on the shelf so bear with me as I run through everything really quickly.

From Back to front: Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Body Oil, Bioderma Micellar Water, Ole Henriksen Truth Cleanser, Opti Free Lense Solution, Dr. Jart Everyday Gel(?), Sunday Reily Matian Mattifying Toner, Shisedo SPF 50 Waterproof Sunscreen, Kopari Charcoal Toothpast, Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil, Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Oil, Vichy Serum, First Aid Beauty Moisturizer, Tatcha Water Cream Mini, Algenist Daily Moisturizer, Ole Henriksen Clay Mask, Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Moisturizing Cream, Ole Henriksen Oil Control Cream, L’Occitane and Almond Milk Concentrate.

YIKES so I’ve got a lot of skincare, especially moisturizers.

My ultimate goal is to get down to one oil (my Khiels Midnight Recovery Oil), two moisturizers (one for everyday and one for dry days), two winter serums (one day and one night), one sunscreen, and two summer serums (one day one night).

Ideally the goal would be to get to a place where I could use up the seasonal products every 6 months so I can rotate through my skincare.

Since this is my first month, I sadly don’t have too too much to report, however, my February Shelfie should have some more products for you guys!

What I’ve Used Up:

This month I’ve only used up the Ole Henkrisen Nurture Me Moisturising Creme. This product has saved my skin over the last few days! It’s oddly one of my favourite moisturizers but it’s been discontinued 🙁 WORST. It’s not the first product I love from Ole Henriksen to get discontinued or rebranded TBH and it’s sadly what’s been really turning me off from the brand.

Rating: 8/10

This product gets docked 1 point because figuring out the amount to use is really difficult as too much will leave your skin so greasy, but too little won’t spread over your skin. Another point is docked because it’s discontinued.

Price: $$

This is believe was $34 when it was being sold but it’s really nothing crazy especially with how long one tub can last.

Would I repurchase: YES but I can’t so really it’s a no 🙁

I hope you guys enjoyed this months Shelfie!

xoxo S

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