Zodiac Gift Guide – Aquarius

Dates: January 20th – February 18th

The final air sign of the zodiacs, Aquarians aspire to change the world and are secretly rebels at heart. Adverse to authority and conventions, Aquarians are free-spirited and eccentric with interesting hobbies and a nonconformist attitude. They are big thinkers who can often lose themselves in their mission at the expense of their personal relationships, making them seem aloof and distant.

Aquarians can be stubborn, but enjoy teamwork and being apart of a community of likeminded individuals. They also need space and alone time to think through their plans and form ideas.

Like with all of my gift guides you can command + click on the exact item you want to shop!

*These gift guides are for your inspiration and do contain affiliate links. I am not saying you HAVE to buy these products, they are to give you an idea in case you are stumped on what to get them or they are very into having gifts specifically tailored to their zodiac. Affiliate links do not mean you are charged extra for the product, I simply receive a small commission from the retailer (provided by RewardStyle) when you purchase through my link. Purchasing through my affiliate link does really help me out as I a) as previously mentioned receive a small commission which helps me “keep the lights one” and b) it tells me which products you guys are liking so I can tailor my product selection when making these gift guides to things you will actually purchase!*

  1. Happy Plugs Wireless In- Ear – Headphones – A pair of In-Ear Wireless headphones is perfect for your Aquarian. It allows them to escape the world by listening to a podcast, audiobook or some music.
  2. Jo Malone Fragrance – If your Aquarius is like me, they have a strong scent association and the perfect fragrance can set the stage for their mood and vibe for the day.
  3. Rifle Paper Co. Cornflower Agenda – Help them take on their plans one step at a time with an agenda so they map out the road to success and not get lost in the big picture.
  4. Courant Catch Wireless Charger – A catch-all that can keep their belongings in order and their phone charged and ready for when they need to run out the door to their newest hobby.
  5. Noir Monogram Mug – Find a mug to fit your Aquarians cute and quirky personality. I personally love my monogram mugs from Anthro… which TBH the whole store is my dream for home stuff (quirky, elegant, and cozy). They’ll remember you every time they have their morning cup of tea/coffee
  6. Botanical Monogram Trinket Dish – Cute and quirky trinkets are great gifts because they are small and you can always find some that match your Aquarians decor style.
  7. SunnyLife Giant Jumbling Game – If you are finding that your Aquarius is feeling out of touch with their loved ones getting them a game and hence an excuse to host a game night, can help them break out of their disconnect!
  8. Calm the Chaos Journal – A Calm the Chaos journal will help your Aquarius stay grounded and centered in their goals, priorities, and life.
  9. Acne Studios Canada Scarf – Understated and practical, this scarf will serve them throughout their chilly birth month and subsequent winters.

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