5 Summer Shoes You Need

Alright, so I’m not going to be pointing to 5 exact shoes that you need, but 5 shoe styles that will serve you well throughout the summer.

A White Tennis Shoe/Sneaker.

I am a freaking broken record when it comes to white tennis shoes. They are simply the best. They go with 99% of your wardrobe, they are comfy and is there really anything better than a crisp white shoe?

Strappy Sandals

These are most definitely not a comfort shoe but they are oh so sexy and make your jeans and a tee look oh so much more put together.

The Wedge Sandal

I myself don’t own a wedge and it’s almost a crime against my inner basic b**. Throw them on for your more dressy brunches when you still want to be comfortable or for a laid back date night.

*NICE* Slides

ADIDAS SLIDES DO NOT COUNT. I REPEAT DO NOT COUNT. We are talking cute dressy, leather or canvas single band slides. Throw these into your bag or wear them when you want a put together casual outfit.

**Birkenstocks don’t count either


I love a chunky mule (closed or open toe), they are hella impractical but for the summer they are the perfect inbetween for a heeled sandal and a pair of nice slides.

xoxo S

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