Aritzia Clientele Sale| Answering Your Questions 2020

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been getting flooded with Clientele questions on TikTok and YouTube so I wanted to put together a bit of a FAQ with what I know, some stuff I’ve learned for you guys and general how it all works.

Clientele Fall 2020 is running from Nov 19th – Nov 25th.

Sale opens to the general public on Nov 26th and ends Nov 30th (corresponding with Black Friday weekend).

If you are interested about sizing and tips for shopping online read theses posts: Aritzia Sizing Update 2020 & Ordering Online From Aritzia – Sizing Tips, Sale Timing and Collection Structure.

If you are interested in my sale picks: Aritzia Clientele Picks: Black Friday 2020

What is Clientele?

Clientele is a bi-annual sale that Aritzia has (Spring & Fall).

It starts with a private sale (clientele) for about a week and then the sale opens up to everyone.

Who can shop Clientele?

Clientele is open to anyone who qualifies! It is based on your yearly spending at Aritzia.

If you qualify for the sale you will receive a call/email telling you that you qualified and when you can start shopping the sale.

**According to my TikTok comment section: there are multiple tiers which have different start dates**

How to Shop Clientele?

If you qualify for Clientele there are two ways to shop: in store and online.

In store: present your email in store to a Style Advisor, they’ll tell you your discounts and help you out!

Online: Login to your account or click the link provided in your email and you’ll see the discounts automatically reflected on the merchandise prices.

What is Discounted?

The whole site! This is the most frequently asked question… the whole site is on sale guys. EVERYTHING.

What are the Discounts?

This changes year to year. Typically speaking it’s 10-40% off.

How do the Discounts Work?

The discounts are based per brand/line, each brand/line will have a different discount. If you are interested in what the different brands/lines are and what that actually means, check out this post: Aritzia Sizing Update 2020

This year the discounts are:

**this year the Superpuff is included, which has not happened in previous years**

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