Boho Braids: Pull Through French with Fishtail


I talked in two of my recent posts on Why I Have Long Hair and How I Grew Out my Lob that I tend to wear my hair in braids frequently to reduce the amount of heat that I use on my hair and as a fashion statement. I usually wear my hair in braids most frequently in the summer because it is hot, humid and blow drying my hair makes me sweat…

My favourite go-to hairstyle right now is a double pull-through braid that leads into a fishtail braid!

Because braids are VERY difficult to explain I’m going to try my best and then link a couple videos on how to do it properly (lol).

If you want to duplicate by double braid Step 1 is part your hair down the middle. If you want one braid then follow these steps but keep your hair as is.

The Pull-Through Braid:

Start by taking a small section at the front of your head – kind of from your temple up – and tie it into a ponytail.

Pin this first section onto the other side of your head and make another section underneath the first.

Release the top section and split it into two. Pull your lower section up “through” the split section so you have half of the first ponytail on either side.

Make another section below your 2nd ponytail. Add in the split sections into this new one and make this into a ponytail.

With your 2nd ponytail spilt it into two. Take the ponytail you just made and pin it up between these two sections so once again there is half of the 2nd ponytail on each side.

Repeat these steps until you run out of hair.

Make one more pull through so you have the split section tied behind.

Divide all your hair into two sections to begin your fishtail.

The Fishtail Braid:

With your two sections of hair –  we will call them A and B – take a piece from A.

Wrap this piece outwards behind section A and combine with section B. Your piece should end up combining with B behind A.

Take a piece from Section B, wrap outwards and into A. Like with your piece from A it should combine behind B.

Repeat all the way down to the end.

Just in case this was kinda confusing How to Pull Through Braid and How to Fishtail Braid.

To make your braids look full you can pull it apart quite a bit. Especially if you add in some extensions you can get a lot of volume.

My Tips:

Pull apart and play with your Pull-Through Braids firsts! Get them to sit the way you want because once you make your fishtails you lose the opportunity to have the ability to reposition your ponytails.

When you tie off your fishtails try to leave half and inch to an inch between the end of your braid and the elastic. If you have layers I find this really helps them from escaping as badly.

I hope you guys enjoyed!

xoxo Steph

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