Fashion Girls Don’t Wear Coats

With Spring coming (quickly I hope) and the new launches are already hitting the shelves faster than Fashion Nova can Knock off Kim Kardashians lewks, we are seeing a drop in fashion girls wearing coats. Not that Fashion Girls ever wear appropriate coats – Parkas aren’t fetch – but it’s actually getting ridiculous. Don’t they get cold? If you look at all the big fashion girls, they not only seem to not wear anything resembling a practical parka (they do wear puffer jackets, but in a “it’s cropped”, “it’s wildy oversized”, or “it’s neon and impractical for day to day wear” way). The photo’s from the recently passed New York Fashion Weeks prove that no matter the weather fashion comes first. I’m clearly the opposite, where if the weather drops below 10 I’m running for my layers, parkas and cosiest wool I own. With spring on its way, it seems that all these girls are switching their weather inappropriate winter wear for spring collections despite the temperatures on the east coast barely hitting freezing.

To be honest, I just wanted to paint a comparison of this phenomenon between some of the larger creators process of getting these “no coat shots” vs. me getting this shot. As I envision it (it’s meant to be funny, please don’t take this as what actually happens)

LARGE fashion girl:

She breezes out of an event and has a quick photo shoot with their accompanying photographer while their assistant holds the awaiting car door open.

She quickly changes poses, does a quick check of the takes, adjusts and shoots a little bit more.

Once her shoot is done, she is whisked into her car on the way to her next engagement.


Schleps into Toronto to meet up with my friends, on the occasional weekend.

Goes for brunch and then wanders around Toronto to find a shoot location.

Gives up on heading somewhere too far from the PATH and shoots in the financial district.

Erin and I exchange glances playing chicken to see who is going to give up the warmth of their parka first.

I usually lose and go first.

Erin has to hold my parka and everything I brought with me to Toronto while shooting me.

I hope around freezing cold trying to hold still long enough to get the shot.

Run to go check the shots and then adjust to shot some backups.

Get laughed at by people watching.

Shove my arms back into a freezing cold parka so I can shoot Erin.

I do sincerely wish Parkas were fetch, but alas I just need to move somewhere warmer. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this cheeky little post! It’s a little different than my usual style.

xoxo Steph



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