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Hey Hungries,

Welcome back to my review of the Gossip Girl Reboot.

If you haven’t been following along with my thoughts on the new Gossip Girl series you can catch up on my previous Episode Reviews

140 Character (Or Less) Recap

EP 1 was a big struggle, too much time spent on the teachers and the change in formula (we know who GG is already) was a bit much all at once, but by the time the drama was rolling in EP 2 I was hooked. The way they tease things out is still a bit quick for my liking, however, my mind is open to be changed.

***Warning Spoilers Ahead***

I’ve really started to enjoy the reboot, as the plot shifts to the characters dealing not only with the fallout from their actions but also the fallout from their actions being publicized onto the now verified Gossip Girl. They are genuinely playing up the fear of their secrets being found out by Gossip Girl.

I must say both Monet’s and Audrey’s fashion is right up my alley for F/W. Each episode I find myself hunting down their pieces. Especially all the heeled loafers… I would like some.

Let’s talk about the minion meddling. Monet and Luna are to GG ’21 what Penelope and [insert constance minion du jour] were to the OG show. Their off side schemes and meddling, are already causing problems for Julien. In the original, Penelope was constantly vying to dethrone Blair, however at the moment it seems Monet and Luna are trying to help Julien keep her seat as the Queen of Constance. Their motives are clearly not altruistic, so it’s only a matter of time before their agenda works against Julien in a forthright way.

JK. 15 minutes in and they are very clearly hedging their bets.

Phew the side pieces, the hidden relationships. It’s a mess.

Ugh and Zoya… little Z is heading down the Little J path of changing herself to fit into her life at Constance. I know she’s doing it because she just wants to fit in and have the cyber bullying stop, but it’s a recipe for disaster… especially in regards to her relationship.

Oh wow, I thought the Audrey, Aki & Max love triangle would take longer to blow up but wow.

xoxo S

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