Metropolitan Museum

The Museum Mile Festival is one night a year when 5th ave is closed off on museum mile for a street festival. For us who had class from 9-4, Monday to Friday or work during those same hours visiting a museum can be difficult.

Because of this one night Marianne and I decided to take advantage of the extended hours at the Metropolitan Museum (MET) to see the China Through the Looking Glass Exhibit.


The exhibit was amazing the couture was unbelievably gorgeous. The exhibit is on until the beginning of September and if you have the time it is well worth checking out.


A night out is not complete without wandering around, getting lost and finding your way up onto a rooftop. The rooftop at the MET is stunning, unprecedented views of the park as well as the Manhattan Skyline are incomprehensibly gorgeous.

The icing on the cake is for the Museum Mile Festival since the MET is open late you catch the sunrise setting from the roof. Watching the sun set over the park is surreal, you feel magnanimous, as if there is no greater feeling of awe than that. Mind you, I say that about ever gorgeous sunset or spectacular view. What can I say? I catch myself finding even the smallest of things becoming miracles (I’m an optimist hidden by shrewd humour and realist sarcasm but never say I don’t dream)


Dress – Aritzia| Bag – Marc Jacobs| Shoes – Converse

Once we had left the museum we wandered up 5th ave to see what else this festival had to offer in terms of street art. There was this band playing outside the Guggenheim who mixed old school jazz with rock and next to them was a man hocking his hot dogs and cotton candy. Perfectly at odds.

XOXO Steph

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