P.D.A Pretty Damn Awkward

Every girl get’s crushes: celebrity crushes, man crush monday’s #mcm, girl crushes #wcw the list continues in perpetuity.

What I’m trying to get out is please enjoy my trials and tribulations attempting to get my next door neighbour to notice me. Which is P.D.A. (Pretty Damn Awkward) if you ask me.

The course of the following events happen over a short 20 minutes.

Yesterday after my mom and I had gotten home we noticed that our very attractive neighbour whom we call handsome was home. After quietly watching him (definitely a little creepy) while waiting for my tea to boil I resigned myself to the sad truth that he’s a) not interested or b) extremely out of my league or c) I’m the annoying younger next door neighbour who he doesn’t even notice.

My mom being a typical mom comes rushing out of her office to tell me that Handsome’s outside and I should go outside and “get things from the car”. I had already taken everything in from the car but I was sent back outside to try to find something to bring in from the car that we might haveĀ forgotten. I ended up bringing in some random magazines and flipping up back car seats. Once was not enough for my mom so I was sent out a second time as the first time my dad had taken Handsome and his father behind a bush to talk about sailing. Second times the charm for not being noticed apparently. Yup, I had to find a whole new set of things to bring in while trying to get this boy to notice me. It may have worked but he didn’t even see me as he was too busy trying to fix the motor of the boat parked in his driveway and had to disappear into the garage or house every 2 seconds to get something.

By now my dad noticed that my mom and I were acting super weird and kept asking what we were up to. A conversation with your dad about how you think your neighbour is attractive and you have a nickname for him and you’ve been bringing in random things from the car all to get his attention is awkward. Dad being dad was interestingly enough intrigued by this and was even coming up with ideas on how I should go about getting his attention.

It’s great that my parents are supportive, I don’t know how many more times I can randomly run out to the car when he’s outside without him noticing that I happen to be there every time he is.

All in all last night was P.D.A.

XOXO Steph

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