My Favourite Lip Products – The Last Quarter Lipstick No Buy Update

Good Morning Everyone,

We are finally in Q4 of this year and wow… what a year. Things might not be going exactly as planned, but I have been sticking to my one year lipstick no buy despite not exactly wearing a lot of lipstick (and makeup in general). I’ve still be managing to find some gems while shopping my stash.

While this isn’t the definitive list of my absolutely favourites, these are the products that I’ve reached for the most so far this year. Why I’m posting this now, is because unfortunately with the colder weather and both Peel and Toronto back in Phase 2, I’m not exactly going to be heading out into the world as much and if I am it’s sadly going to be mainly for groceries… not exactly the opportune lip moment but we’ll make do.

The ongoing staple and love of my life, holy grail lip product is the Jack Black Lip Balm. It’s absolutely the best and I can’t ever stop raving about it.

For my everyday nudes there are only two colours I’ve been wearing. The first is the Nudestix Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil in Belle which is the colour I wore incessantly through the Spring and Summer. For me it’s the perfect my lips but better colour and I also double it as my blush for a perfectly cohesive makeup look. The other nude I’ve been wearing is the NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Stripped. It’s this pale milky beige colour that is just opaque enough to provide a good amount of colour but is not so opaque that I look like I’ve slathered on concealer.

Nudestix Belle
NARS Stripped

I don’t think my favourite red lip has changed in years… probably since university. I rarely wear red lipstick IRL just because I personally don’t feel like I’m elegant enough to make it through the whole day without getting it all over everything, but I do really like to wear it when I’m filming videos or shooting for IG. The colour is the NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in Starwoman. It’s perfect blue-based red (it’s lightly filtered so it does look a touch more orange than IRL)

My other favourite statement lip is the Fenty Beauty Stuna Lip Paint in Underdawg, it is a deep deep burgundy that is the vampy lip of my dreams. A dark lip isn’t for everyone, but I, on the occasion love to play with a dark lip and channel my inner Sabrina Spellman (CAOS version circa season 2). This is most definitely a once in a while colour for me, but I do find that this shade is the best match for the undertones in my skin.

NARS Starwoman
Fenty Beauty Underdawg

xoxo S

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