Trends I’ll Be Following for AW 20/21

It’s the end of summer and time to slowly start putting away my wonderful summer dresses and taking out my fall knitwear. In the spirit of the season changing, and with small hope that we’ll end up with a heatwave through till Halloween, here are the trends I’m going to be adopting for the upcoming A/W seasons.


Sage Green

The colour love of my summer/fall 2020 life, I will 100% be continuing on with adding this colour into my fall wardrobe.

Caramels and Camels

I have deviated from my standard 50 shades of grey (plus black and white) and have started to add caramels into the mix. Especially in the leather and wool departments. What I’m starting to see a lot of is warm brown monochrome leather looks, a 2020 nod to the 90s and early 00’s. I love how these warm tone browns are being interplayed with traditional fall foliage shades.

Olive Green

In line with my love of Sage Green, Olive has crept up into my heart and really round out the potential monochromatic green looks I’d love to create.

Cream and Natural Whites

I’m a little over black and grey for the moment, in not wanting to give up summer I don’t want to let go of my summer whites. This season, I want to add in more creams and natural white tones to soften my wardrobe and make a shift to warmer tones.



I am here for the monochrome fits this season, it seems like it’s taken me forever to get here and have the confidence to wear a monochrome outfit in a colour other than black but we are here and thriving. This fall you will be seeing lots of monochrome sage and olive especially.

Sweater Vests

I can’t contain how excited I am for this trend, like nothing is making me happier clothing wise than sweater vests. Don’t know why, don’t know what has triggered this but I am obsessed.


Every fall my looks do trend more preppy, but this fall with the layered collared shirt sweater situation, the padded headbands and the blazer obsession, this is my time to let my prep shine.

xoxo S

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