The Hottest Colour of the Season and How to Style it

Hellooo Everyone! Today we are here with another trend post sharing with you guys how I’ve been wearing the most talked about colour of the season (legit my ig feed and youtube feed were full of people talking about how obsessed they are with this colour) SAGE.

So I have one dress in this beautiful sage colour and it’s from Lioness. If you haven’t read my post about this dress, it’s linked HERE so you can get all the deets. Which is how I’ve been wearing it this season. Shop this exact dress here:

If you aren’t a big dress person there are definitely other ways to incorporate the colour into your wardrobe.

Read through for 3 ways to incorporate sage into your wardrobe for the S/S seasons

A subtle way to wear sage is through a cute scrunchy. I personally love the Silk Labs silk scrunchies, the colour pistachio is perfect for the light sagey green colour and as an added bonus they are really really great quality.

They are $10 and made locally in Toronto!

They add a fun and subtle pop of colour to your looks without fully committing to the trend.

Another way to incorporate the colour into your wardrobe is to add a pop of colour in your layers. I love this look by Alicia Roddy where she’s added a sage crewneck over a collared button down dress with white accessories.

You can shop a similar sweater here:

Going into the A/W season, layering a sage sweater or cardigan with collared shirts and leather trousers will extend the season on your sage pieces.

The final way you could incorporate Sage into your wardrobe without going full blown monochromatic is through either a cute trendy top or a skirt!

This is probably my favourite option beyond the full sage dress, because it sits in my comfort zone of jeans and a cute top.

I hope you guys enjoyed this trend post!

xoxo S

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